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Is Raw Foodism Weight Loss a Reality?

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In my opinion, yes, absolutely! There are simply too many success stories out there to suggest that raw foodism weight loss can't be achieved.
Just take a look at some of the 'before and afters' available online.
There are some fantastic you tube clips available from a guy called 'Dave the raw food truck driver', who's reported to have lost around 200 pounds since going on his 'raw' weight loss journey! How is this possible? Well, we all know that eating more fruit and veg is supposed to be good for you, but some people take that a step further, arguing that heat destroys the enzymes contained within these foods.
In other words, when you cook a vegetable beyond a certain temperature, its nutritional value decreases.
Even steaming food is reported to have a detrimental affect! Of course, by avoiding any processed foods, raw foodism weight loss is bound to be the result.
Junk foods can play havoc with our blood sugar levels, whereas vegetables in particular are supposed to be far better in this respect.
Others argue that because raw foods were around long after humans figured out how to heat them, they are bound to be better for us! I don't have any figures on this so I couldn't say for sure whether this is accurate, but then again, if nature had intended us to eat cooked and refined food, wouldn't it have just provided them in the first place? I've been eating mostly raw foods for the last few weeks, and I can say for sure that raw foodism weight loss has been a reality for me, and I'm sure it could for you too.
There are plenty of resources available that can help you if you're looking to loose weight by eating more raw foods.
I've put a link below to a review that might be of interest to you if you're looking to start an easy-to-follow raw foodism weight loss plan.
Good luck on your raw foodism weight loss journey!
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