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Driveway Safety Net for Kids

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    • Driveway safety nets provide a protective barrier between the road and your child if they are playing in your driveway. They are primarily visual, warning drivers that you have a child outside, and they give your child an established boundary line to play within.


    • These nets are usually a bright color, such as orange, so that they are clearly visible. They can stretch up to 18 feet or more across a driveway, and are easy to install. The length can vary with the manufacturer. The net fits into sleeves that are driven into the ground, and the net can be pulled out or set up in a short time when needed.


    • When you decide to purchase a safety net for your home, you need to find one that is long enough to extend across your driveway. The net should be placed at the end of the driveway so it can be clearly seen, which will prevent people from backing up and presenting a hazard to your children.


    • Depending on the size and the manufacturer, these can run in the range of $65 or more for the 18 foot and over $100 for a 30 foot model. They can be found in local retail stores, or online through several companies.


    • Though these safety nets provide a visual boundary for children, they are not intended to serve as a gate. Young children outside, especially when playing in the driveway, should be monitored by an adult at all times.

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