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The Disadvantages of Lobbying

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    Lack of Reliable Information

    • It's extremely difficult for many lobbyists to get reliable information from legislators, who may not always trust that they're telling the truth. This can ruin the possibility of a trusting relationship. Those who have very little experience as a lobbyist must work very hard to build strong relationships with legislators. In some cases, lobbyists who've had prior experience as legislators may have a bad reputation, which will also limit their access to reliable information.

    Long Hours

    • Though the job of a lobbyist can be exciting and fast-paced, it can also be quite stressful. Lobbying requires long work hours, particularly when a relevant bill is up for a vote. Lobbyists can work through the night writing letters, making phone calls and thinking of ways to get the community involved. They must make sure legislators are fully informed about the issues at hand. Tight schedules and deadlines can often be very draining.

    Multiple Attention Demands

    • Lobbyists often have multiple clients, which means they may be responsible for attending numerous committee hearings and often needing to juggle their schedule to do so. Since lobbyists are responsible for being able to address legislators' questions and concerns, if they have a handful of clients, remaining up-to-date with every detail can be a stiff challenge. Lobbyists are forced to budget their time between their clients to ensure each receives excellent service and an appropriate return on investment.

    Negative Public Opinion

    • Lobbyists must endure harsh criticism from the general public. Many citizens have a negative opinion of lobbyists, due to the fact that lobbying has often been associated with scandals and unscrupulous behavior. Lobbyists are often perceived as bidders who pay for their political influence. The relationships between legislators and lobbyists may often be considered suspect. To pursue a career in lobbying, you must be able to contend with being thought of being someone who pays for votes.

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