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How to Make a Crochet Sweater Wrap

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    • 1). Make a long length of chain stitches with your yarn and crochet hook. Periodically check the length by draping the chain across your shoulders. You want your wrap to fit comfortably around and down your shoulders.

    • 2). When your chain is the desired length, crochet two more chain stitches, and turn your work. Skip the first chain stitch. Double crochet in the second stitch. Repeat to the end, and turn. Skip the first double crochet, and then double crochet in each stitch across. Continue this pattern until you have a fairly large panel.

    • 3). Drape the panel over your shoulders to check for size. The size of the panel depends on your measurements and preference. Add more rows of double crochet as needed or desired.

    • 4). Stretch your panel to create a lacy, airy look. It helps to have a friend assist you by holding one end of the crochet panel. Gently pull on the ends. You can also place one end of your panel in a closed dresser drawer or door as you pull the other end.

    • 5). Tassels can be added to your finished wrap. Cut lengths of yarn and attach to the ends of the wrap with the crochet hook. Trim the tassels if necessary. Use a pin or brooch as a closure.

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