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Benefits - Persimmon and Blackberry

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A fruit from a tree of the Ebony wood family, Persimmon is bright orange in colour.
The two predominant varieties are the Japanese/Chinese variety and the Southwest Asian/European Variety.
The former tastes sweet and tangy, whereas the latter tastes a bit like dates and plumbs.
Usually consumed in fresh and raw form, it can be eaten as a dried fruit, and even fermented to make persimmon vinegar.
Blackberries are fruits that contain drupelets which are dark purple in colour when ripe.
Native to South America, these fruits can also be found in some regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
They are sweet to taste, and hence a common ingredient for a variety of cakes, deserts, jams etc.
COMMON HEALTH BENEFITS Both these fruits have numerous health and medicinal benefits; hence consuming them often can really be beneficial.
Some of these benefits are: • Rich in Vitamin A and lycopene, both these fruits are a great source of anti-oxidants.
Hence it helps in body's detoxification, and acts against radicals that promote ageing.
• Blackberries, and in particular, the Chinese variety of persimmon are good sources of Vitamin C, hence boosting our immune system against illnesses and viral infections.
Infact, according to nutritional experts, a cup of blackberries will fulfill 50% of the recommended daily consumption of Vitamin C! • These fruits have a high proportion of dietary fiber as well.
Thus they help in better digestion.
In fact persimmons are low in fat and cholesterol content as well.
OTHER BENEFITS OF BLACKBERRIES: • As it contains ellagic acid, they help repair and renew damaged skin cells.
• It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce inflammation caused by diseases such as arthritis.
• Containing Phytoestrogens, blackberries can help in reducing some PMS symptoms such as bloating and food cravings also.
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