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How to Change the Glow Plugs on a BMW 318

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    • 1). Open the hood of your BMW 318d and secure it with the hood latch.

    • 2). Examine the engine. You will see that in the 318d there is an additional engine cover. This is here to help protect the engine from debris and liquid.

    • 3). Place a 16mm socket over the first bolt you would like to remove.

    • 4). Turn your wrench in a counter-clockwise motion until the bolt comes off.

    • 5). Repeat these steps for the remaining 3 bolts in each corner of the engine cover.

    • 6). Pull the engine cover up and out of the engine.

    • 7). Set the engine cover upside down so that the part which comes into contact with the engine does not come into contact with the ground or any dirt.

    • 8). Locate your glow plugs. In most 318d models, the glow plugs will be located on both sides of the engine. They are the shape and size of half of a pencil.

    • 9). Place your socket wrench over the first glow plug you would like to remove.

    • 10

      Turn your socket wrench in a counter-clockwise motion in order to loosen and remove the glow plug.

    • 11

      Insert your new glow plug into the empty glow plug channel.

    • 12

      Tighten the glow plug with your socket wrench. Use a clockwise motion this time.

    • 13

      Repeat these steps for the remaining glow plugs.

    • 14

      Replace the connection wire.

    • 15

      Replace the engine cover.

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