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Extreme Entertainment With the Nokia N96

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Nokia N96 is designed for entertainment lovers.
You can surf the internet, take pictures and videos, store music and videos and use it as a means of communication of course.
So what do you want to know about first? Okay let's begin with its catchy features.
Brace yourself this phone has a capacity of 16GB of internal flash memory.
Just imagine all the different files you could save and carry around with you.
Listening to your favorite music is made easy with the N96 since you can save up to 12,000 tracks.
That's limitless music for numerous hours while you're out and about.
The digital music player supports MP3, AAC and WMA files.
When you don't feel like listening to your stored music, you can also listen to your favorite FM radio station.
High quality sound is inevitable because of the equalizer.
This is possible because the device has a built in antenna.
Also the Nokia Internet Radio is only a click away.
Watching TV is made a reality with the N96 model.
The built in antenna helps pick up different local channels.
With the 2.
8 inch screen, images are sure to be clear displaying up to 16 million colors.
Internet videos, RSS feeds and video podcasts can be viewed since this is compatible with the phone.
When offline, video playback time is up to 5 hours while TV playback time is up to 4 hours.
Most people nowadays want a handy gadget storing almost everything in a single device.
Well the N96 could very well be your portable photo album.
You can take pictures up to 5 megapixels and also be sure that your photos are blur-free because of the auto focus feature.
If you want to be in a picture with your friends, there's also a built in self timer so you can strike a pose.
I must say a unique feature of this phone is it's navigation system.
Just like state of the art vehicles, the N96 has a built in GPS receiver.
Free downloading of maps for 150 countries is made possible.
You can acquire information about many locations and even get a satellite image.
Upgrades are also available.
This will allow you to obtain a voice guided car navigation or pedestrian optimized guidance.
With the Nokia N96's features, you would be making a wise purchase.
It's an MP3 player, mobile phone, MP4 player, video recorder and camera rolled into one.
When you buy your device it should come with the following: Nokia N96, battery, connectivity cable, video out cable, stereo headset and remote, mobile charger and a compact travel charger.
This is the standard packaging however it may vary from one country to another.
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