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MMA Weight Training Routine to Build a Powerful Body

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A proper MMA Weight training Routine is one of the most important aspects of an MMA fighter's training.
However try to keep in mind that having an effective MMA strength workout is just part of proper MMA training.
MMA conditioning is also a major part of mixed martial arts training.
Conditioning for MMA focuses on muscular endurance, speed, and stamina, bit if you don't concentrate on MMA strength training, to give you the ability to overpower your opponent, then you will only get so far in mixed martial arts.
As the goal is to build strength and power, your weight training routine for MMA will have to reflect that.
This means that the bulk of your weight training exercises need to revolve around strength workouts which will lead to you gaining this power.
This means training heavy, and also training explosively with certain exercises.
You need to concentrate on only a handful of exercises in our MMA workouts.
The bulk of your MMA weight training routine should consist of the following exercises: Heavy squats are a fantastic exercise to build muscle and strength.
The squat not only gives you powerful legs, it also has an impact on lots of other areas of your body.
The deadlift is on par with the squat for building enormous strength and power, and it impacts virtually all areas of your body.
Everybody knows that the bench press is a great exercise for the chest, but it also has a major effect on the shoulders and triceps.
The shoulder press is another excellent exercise for building strong powerful shoulders.
The last bench press and the shoulder press should be performed in an explosive manner.
Meaning that when you push the weight up, you push it quicker than if you were training normally.
Do not forget exercises for grip strength.
Having a strong grip is hugely important for any MMA fighter.
The ability to hold your opponent in a place that you want, can give you a huge advantage in a fight.
So far we have talked about using standard weights in your strength training routine.
You will need to vary the tools that you use for your workouts, as there will be nothing standard about your opponent.
This means doing MMA weight training exercises using things which are heavy and awkward to handle.
Picking up heavy bags of sand and moving them place to place is a good method of training.
Filling to large containers with water and carrying them from place to place will build strength and endurance.
Picking up empty barrels of beer and pressing them over your head for reps can be very challenging.
Try to use your imagination; there are many other methods of strength training, which do not involve the use of standard weights.
The more varied your MMA weight training routine is, the better the all round result.
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