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10 Tips On How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Season

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Thanksgiving or Christmas, irrespective of the occasion every one of us tends to gain weight during holiday season.
The very fact that holidays bring in parties, get-together, dinners or coffee sessions, makes each one of us vulnerable to sliding on extra pounds to our body.
Even skinny to skinny person ends up gaining a pound or more in holiday period.
But, there is lot you can do to fight calories jumping on to you at this time of the year.
There are many reasons why a person puts on weight when holidaying and each of the reason or cause can be avoided, if not, can be counter attacked with little precautions.
The numerous reasons can be the lack of time for continuing workouts, lack of sleep, the daily dinner or lunch invitations, friends and family get-togethers at restaurants or just the laziness that occurs in the festive season.
Whatever the excuse or cause be, point is that you are exposed to weight gain without a doubt when in holiday mode.
Holidays or festive season is the busiest time of the year leaving you with quite a less options to continue your weight loss effort, also these are the times when you yourself tend to go lazy and deceiving towards all the healthy diet, workout or exercise program you have been following through the year.
Many believe that this seasonal gain of pounds or calories is unavoidable and thus, some take it as a cheat month or just a break from the heavy and hardcore workouts and some just take it as an unfortunate burden.
Truth is avoiding or cutting down the holiday weight gain may be difficult but is not at all impractical.
Before moving on to the ten major tips to avoid attaining of weight or extra pounds during festive time, you need to know that nothing works without discipline and control.
You can not simply add pounds on to your body by giving excuses of being busy, tired or in a break session, as no tip or advice works unless you have the obedience to follow it.
Following are ten major tips on simple and possible ways to control the weight gain and calorie intake by your body during those happy holidaying days: Cheat on 'cheat days' Holidays are the time when you are surrounded with friends and families and the uttermost possibility of attending parties, cocktails or festive gatherings.
Thus, to continue on your regular exercise routine and weekly cheat days makes no sense, for you are already having cheat occasions.
Turn your weekends or cheat days into your regular workout days.
This way you will avoid the mistake of consuming by deceiving your diet program, also you will be increasing your exercise period.
Turn your festive meals into cheat meals Plan your each day in such a way that any lunch, dinner or outside eating program is followed by low calorific food intake and routine workouts i.
schedule your day in such a way that you do eat lot of protein or fiber rich food as well as exercise to balance or turn the calorific meal of the day as a harmless one.
Drink water and drink it lot Sipping on large amount of water a day helps to boost the metabolism of your body, which in turn helps to digest or break down the fatty or unplanned meals easily and quickly.
Drinking water in large amount also puts an end to craving for food or calorific cakes, cookies or sweets stored at home for celebration purpose.
Eat but greedless Christmas and thanksgiving brings home lots of turkey or good tasty meal sessions, since it's a holiday season you need not give up on the fun of eating delicious, but remember if you eat a small piece of a good calorific dish and lot of salad or fruits with it you will enjoy yet benefit.
Thus, do not fight your willpower and eat nothing instead fight your greed and eat, but eat less i.
do not do over eating.
Increase your workout timing This tip won't be feasible for many, for increasing the exercise time period requires time and dedication and not many can take out the required time due to busy schedule in festival season.
For those who can, running few extra on your mill or doing extra crunches or pushups will help restrict the festival or holiday calories from sticking on to your body.
Go jog or run When living a holiday time where you do not get much of time for your workouts or where you eat more than you can digest, it is advisable to get up early and run or jog a few miles.
This doesn't requires you to take out extra time from your day, as getting an hour or 30 minutes early is enough for you to cut down the calories and fat you might be storing without your knowing it.
Also, this way you can refresh your mind and body along with the metabolism and body functions.
Experts believe morning walks or jogging cuts down calories much faster than any other physical activity.
Find physical activities at home or outside You can always move your lawn, go shopping on foot and clean your house.
Finding small chores at home or outside can help you burn calories through out the day and breakdown all the holiday food.
You can cycle to the nearest shopping area or can walk few blocks to buy your grocery item, thus try to keep yourself as much active as you can.
Try sports Since its holiday time you can always find sports to add to your exercise routine, such as you go cycle, play badminton or lawn tennis with friends or family.
Swimming or skipping helps too.
And if you are in a snowy region, snow sports like skiing or ice skating is the best way to spend time with your friends as well as to keep your calories burning without a doubt.
Do not forget your fiber or green intake It may be thanksgiving or Christmas, holiday season may bring lots of calorific or sweet food moments during a day, but that does not mean you give up on your healthy sources of living.
Eat your cake or drink your shake when you are offered, but during rest of the day do not forget to live on healthy and balanced diet.
Do not starve yourself Lastly, just because you have a dinner or a gathering with friends or family you need not go diet and starve yourself to accommodate the calories, as this may be good for self satisfaction but is harmful for your body metabolism and its proper functioning.
Also, eating once in a day or skipping meals would make it difficult for your body to burn the fat being stored by your festive meals.
All it takes is, desire to stay fit and discipline to follow ways to adjust your holiday food intake and you are ready to live tasty without a compromise.
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