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How Do Websites Make Money Through Links?

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A website that makes money through links sounds a great way to make money and there are three basic ways of doing this.
All are easy, but not without risk.
First, the methods of earning money.
  • Google AdSense - this is the simplest way of making money through links.
    You sign up to a Google AdSense account, set up how you want the adverts to look and paste the code into your website.
    Every time someone clicks a links you earn a percentage of the PPC fee.
    Perfect for sites that have international traffic.
  • Affiliate Selling - quite easy and useful if you have mainly national traffic or can promote an electronic product.
    Just sign up to one or more schemes and place the links that they provide on your website.
  • Sponsored Links - if you are blogging, then this is a quite popular way to make money.
    But there are also people who will happily buy links from any decent website.
    If you are blogging, then sign up to sponsored posting sites and start following their instructions.
    For normal websites, then you need to approach SEO consultants and see if they are buying links.
The risks of selling links Well, what are the risks of any of these methods? First, if you are not careful you will clutter your website with links and scare away visitors.
Done well and you can add to the value of visiting your website.
For banners and Google AdSense, just keep to one or two advert positions around the page to keep it clean.
But the big worry is with affiliate selling and sponsored links.
With these, there is a worry that if you are found to be selling links then the search engines could downgrade your search rankings, maybe even blocking you all together from their results.
To prevent this, make sure that if you are posting sponsored links you are doing so within plenty of content on the pages and also have a good ratio of unpaid posts to paid posts.
How to prepare your website There are two different aspects to this which apply to these money making schemes.
First, for Google AdSense and affiliate schemes, the links will only make your any money if your website is receiving sufficient traffic to click on the links and make purchases, in the case of affiliate links.
If your website is new or you have not worked on generating proper traffic, then these methods are unlikely to work For sponsored links, sometimes traffic is what matters, but on the whole the advertisers want a site that is popular with the search engines.
This is usually defined as the number of backlinks pointing to your site and the site's Page Rank, which is itself dependent on the backlinks (and where they come from).
So you need to be article writing and other methods to get plenty of links pointing to your website to make money this way.
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