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Non-conformity - Creating Our Own Level of Consciousness

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We are eternal, immortal and a part of all things.
We are not our bodies, our bodies are not us.
We have to learn as spiritual beings having human experiences that we can transcend past the outer layer of the world.
Lets take a moment now to look at our life as the icing on the cake, sure it looks and taste great but what ultimately is fulfilling is in the middle layer of the cake.
Right now, and for many years humans have bought into the collection of the universal consciousness.
This consciousness has been handed down by our ancestors over the years; we have changed, transformed, had new breakthroughs and ultimately evolved as humans - So why are so many people still buying into this consciousness? There is a place that is impartial and flowing - far beyond this outer layer that looks good and can be tempting to conform to.
This world ultimately awaits and welcomes you - this place is non judgmental, doesn't criticize, nor does it condemn; it is loving and impartial.
Each of us must first find our own way to break free, to break out of what society is selling us and venture out on our own path; in our own consciousness.
The infinite universal world will then open to you, and your life will truly and authentically unfold for you.
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