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The Importance Of Beta-carotene

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As a fat-soluble nutrient, beta-carotene is usually made into jellies and capsules. Nowadays, the medical value of the nutrient has been concerned by many people. A lack of beta-carotene can cause various diseases and uncomfortable symptoms. Briefly speaking, a lack of beta-carotene can cause premature aging, dermatitis, keratinization, nyctalopia and nearsightedness, increase the risks of getting cancer and hurt respiratory system in human body.

According to the medical research, the adequate supplementation of beta-carotene can help human body decrease the chances of getting eye diseases, cancer and arteriosclerosis. Take nyctalopia as an example. Nyctalopia can be induced by the early aging of eyes. Our eyes always need a lot of beta-carotene to protect the yellow spots and maintain the eyesight. If we can not supplement the nutrient in time, our eyes can gradually become degenerative. Then, the degeneration of eyes can cause nyctalopia. Therefore, we should supplement adequate beta-carotene in our daily life to prevent the appearance of nyctalopia.

At the same time, the supplementation of beta-carotene can resist aging and free radicals for human body. Beta-carotene can work like some common antioxidants. In our daily life, the common antioxidants mainly include vitamin C and vitamin E. The functions of vitamin C and vitamin E can reflect the anti-oxidation functions of beta-carotene. Therefore, we can often supplement the nutrient to alleviate the harms of free radicals in our bodies and eliminate the toxins.

At present, many people have attached great importance to beta-carotene. They have already supplemented the nutrient for themselves. However, the supplementation amount in a day should be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, a normal adult can supplement 15 milligrams to 50 milligrams per day. However, if a person is suffering from erythropoietic protoporphyria, he can supplement 30 milligrams to 300 milligrams per day. In addition, not all the people can supplement the nutrient. Generally speaking, four kinds of people can supplement the nutrient, including those who always use computers, who have eye diseases, who have bad skin and who suffer from arteriosclerosis. There is no medical research to prove whether pregnant women can supplement the nutrient or not. Therefore, pregnant women should keep in contact with doctors if they take the capsules or jellies of the nutrient.

Apart from capsules and jellies, some foods can also provide beta-carotene for human body. Generally speaking, red and yellow vegetables and fruits like tomatoes and pumpkin contain this nutrient. Therefore, people can also supplement the nutrient by eating these vegetables and fruits.
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