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How to Cut Finished Wood With a Table Saw

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    • 1). Choose a table saw blade that will leave a clean cut with few marks. Use an alternate top bevel (ATB) blade with at least 40 teeth. ATB blades are alternately angled in order to remove material more cleanly than the flat top grind (FTG) blade, which simply grinds through the wood and leaves a rougher cut.

    • 2). Install the blade in the table saw and make a test cut on a scrap piece of wood. Check the edge of the cut for smoothness.

    • 3). Cut the finished wood, pushing it slowly into the blade. Do not force it, instead, allow the blade to pull the wood along.

    • 4). Sand the cut with 220-grit sandpaper. Touch up any marks left on the finish, if necessary, with a dab of stain or a wood-coloring pen.

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