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Get Rid Of Dog Smells At The Source

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Wash Your Dog Properly Pet owners are busy, so it's perfectly understandable if sometimes you neglect to wash your pets properly and thoroughly.
Unfortunately, this may be the very reason why your dog smells.
A lot of things can get stuck in your dog's fur, between the toes or pads - like poop for instance.
Check your puppy all over for any stink sources.
Next, place some cotton in your dog's ears and then wet your dog all over.
Once wet, use a gentle dog shampoo; lather your puppy properly and then rinse thoroughly.
It is very important to rinse all the soap out; other wise, it will dry, itch and cause your dog's skin to produce excess oil.
Dry Your Dog Properly Aside from things that your dog rolled in and excess skin oil, there are other things that cause dog odor.
Bacteria thrive in wet dog fur and reproduce prolifically in it.
This is why it's important for you to get your dog as dry as possible after bathing.
Rub your dog dry back and forth, up and down and all over.
As an added measure, especially for dogs with thick coats, use a blow dryer.
Do not forget to set it on the coolest setting possible.
Treat Dog Breath A dog's bad breath can stink up a house big time.
Fortunately there are several ways for you to treat it.
Start with a proper oral hygiene regimen.
It is recommended that you brush your dog's teeth once a day.
At the very least, brush your dog's teeth at least twice a week.
You can also purchase dog breath treats in grocery and pet stores.
But before you give your dog anything, take your puppy to the vet to make sure there is nothing serious going on, like periodontal disease.
Put Your Dog On A Healthy Diet Naturally, your dog's health is directly correlated with what you feed him or her.
If you do not feed your dog a good, healthy diet, then it is practically certain that he or she is not as healthy as he or she should.
And if your dog is not healthy and then it is likely that he or she won't smell healthy too.
Stop feeding your dog just anything and ask your vet about a healthier alternative brand of dog food.
Enlist the Help Of Your Vet If you have tried everything on the list and your puppy still smells, then it is time to enlist the help of your vet because it is probably something you won't be able to get rid of on your own.
Puppies have this sack on their behinds called anal glands.
These glands secrete a musty smelling substance with poop.
Sometimes these glands get clogged, causing your dog to smell really bad.
If this is the case with your dog, take him or her to your vet to have the clogged glands drained.
Another possible problem that causes bad dog smell is ear infection.
If your dog's ears smell bad, have them checked by your vet.
It could be just a skin, yeast or bacterial infection; or it could be an allergy that increased your dog's musty sweat.
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