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How To Profit From Horse Racing - The Single Most Important Element

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If You have been involved with horse betting the way I am, than I would like to share an important insight with you...
Successful horse betting depends upon having and acting upon accurateinformation! It's true.
Without having accurate and complete information about the race you are going to bet on, you are dead even before you started.
Most punters lose money because they place bets based on a "hunch" or a "tip".
Countless millions have been lost to those so called "tips"! Don't let this happen to you.
Here's how...
Before placing a bet you need to have the full picture: - You need to know the track condition - You need to know the distance ran in this track and what was the distance ran by your horse in it's previous race.
- You need to know when was the horses' last race.
- You need to know the barrier drew of each horse - And a few other thing! Have you ever placed a bet without knowing any of the above? If you have, I'm willing to bet (aham!) that you lost money.
If you did win - you just got lucky.
And as you probably know, no one gets lucky more than once or twice.
That's NOT how you become a consistently successful punter! So, how do you get the exact information you need to help you become a consistently successful punter? If you are placing bets with an offline company, you could use the booking agency itself.
They have all the information and will be happy to give it to you.
Some of the information can be found on the form, but you can never know too much about a particular horse or race.
If you are placing your bets online, you can get this information from the following sources: UK races - http://www.
Us races - http://www.
Australian races - http://www.
Having the most up to date, accurate information is key to your success.
In fact, it is the first, necessary step.
You can't get any further without it.
So, always make sure you have access to all the information available, pertaining your horse, the race and the track.
This is the first step you must take, every time.
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