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Gonorrhea / The Clap

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One of the most severe medical challenges that face mankind are sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which can be transmitted through sexual contact. The best way of fighting STD is education or awareness of it. Despite efforts coming form governments and NGOs for STD awareness, many individuals who are infected with sexually transmitted diseases feel embarrassed and deserted.

Gonorrhea is one of the most common STD. It's also known as the "clap" which is originated in the French word "clapier", pertaining to a brothel, because this disease is mostly spread by prostitutes or people having similar occupations. Some people believe that the name comes from "clapoir", an old French word which means sexual sore.

Gonorrhea happens to be one of the leading sexually transmitted diseases. It is an infection caused by bacteria and is infecting about 700,000 persons annually in the US. Contrary to prior beliefs, it cannot be transmitted through toilets and bathrooms but through vaginal, oral and anal sex with infected individuals. Another is from a pregnant mother to unborn child. Even if gonorrhea is seldom reported to be transmitted despite the practice of safe sex, males have a 20% possibility of getting it through unsafe sex while women's risk is at 60-80%.

Certain cases of gonorrhea are asymptomatic. Infected males can have symptoms like having yellowish discharge coming from the tip of the penis and painful urination two to thirty days following an infection. Sometimes fever is present. And in women, gonorrhea's symptoms are vaginal discharge, difficulty urinating, bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, vomiting, fever and there can also be bleeding after sexual intercourse.

The clap is an STD which is greatly feared despite it being easily treated. In the US, the clap is treated using strong antibiotics which the Center for Disease Control recommended. In the UK, most gonorrhea cases are accommodated and treated in sexual health clinics. For the treatment to become effective, around the world, the patient delivered partner therapy is practiced. This involves the sexual partner of the patient to also be tested and treated if found infected by STD. Even if gonorrhea is a disease that can be cured, if it's left untreated, it can lead to severe complications like joint problems, sterility as well as damages in the valves of the heart. This is why once a person suspects a probable infection, a visit to the doctor should be done right away.
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