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5 Habits to BECOME the BEST

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We are all wonderful in our own ways.
Some of us have amazing talents, while others carry fantastic skills, however, we can agree that we all have flaws.
If everything is white, it will all blend in leaving nothing special behind, it's the black that makes the white special.
Let's all be satisfied with our flaws which makes us the people we are.
When I was a child, I hated my teeth, and I always told my father that I hated how my teeth looked.
He always told me that my teeth are part of my personality, and that it makes me who I am.
Years later the most compliments I get are on my smile.
Learn how to live with your flaws that are part of you, but don't be afraid to get rid of the flaws that slow you down.
In order to become the best, you have to change various things in your life.
In order to become a champion, you have to change your whole life around.
If you love sleeping, you have to learn to hate it.
If you love watching TV all night, you need to change that.
It is OK to cherish the body we are in, to cherish the mind we carry, and to take ourselves to the next level.
I approach my life in a certain way.
I feel like I always need to be moving, and that I can't not evolve.
Evolution is part of every aspect of our lives.
You will need to upgrade your car at some point so you can get where you want when you need to, you will need to grow your business at some point so you can compete with other businesses around you, and you will need to evolve yourself to the best so you can compete with a hungry world that wants success just as much as you.
Our foundations are great, and I am sure you have good work ethics, and if you don't, you will need to gather some.
We have values and morals that we inherited from our parents, and they inherited them from theirs.
And as it made its way down to us, it evolved based on the world, the technology, and the competition.
Now that we know our foundations are great, or now that we know we need to strengthen our foundations, let's work on our daily habits.
You will be surprised of how much effect your habits have on your life and its success.
Here are 5 habits you need to master to become the best you can be.
Become a better listener.
Teachers talk, while students listen.
Did you ever wonder about that? We never wonder when will it be our turn to talk while the teacher listens, because listening is learning while talking is either sharing, entertaining, teaching, or using words trying to prove intelligence, which is a sign of an insecurity.
You have nothing to prove to anyone, so listen, the worst that could happen is you will go home with no new information.
However, the more you listen, the more knowledge you will gather, and naturally, you will start thinking differently.
Become more focused.
It is time to know exactly what you want in life, and it is time to focus all your attention on it.
I know you have a day job, I know you have a child, but you need to have your eyes on the prize.
Your busy life should make you hold on tighter.
Plan a lot, research a lot, and stay focused.
Go at it every and each day, hard work will get you places, focused hard work will get you places fast.
Become better at managing your time.
Let's face it, we are all over the place.
Which isn't necessary a bad thing, it only means we are good at a hundred things, but let's start mastering a few.
Set your priorities, set your goals, set your daily schedule, and most importantly follow it.
Oh please follow it.
I can't tell you how many people out there have golden idea, class A skills, but they never go for it.
Make a promise to yourself to GO FOR IT this time.
Sacrifice is your promise to yourself that you will accomplish your goal.
Which means turn the TV off, stay home this weekend, and create the life you dream of.
Yes, your dream life isn't out there roaming around, you have to build it from scratch, and you have no idea how doable it is.
Become more energetic.
Must I tell you how much easier it is to be laying down in bed, with my air conditioner on, and the television playing my favorite show, than to be sitting here researching and writing.
Where do we get our energy from? Many many places, however, it starts from within you.
Have you ever heard of a second wind? I am sure you have, and when you get a second wind, do you ever wonder where it came from? Yes, it has been inside you the whole time.
Learn two points, the first once is when your mind gives up, and the second one is when your body says that's enough.
Know that your mind is equipped for your comfort, therefore, it will always give up as soon as your get any resistance.
However, your body can go for far more than you think.
Also, healthy mind= healthy health, so if you eat McDonalds everyday, you will think like someone that eats McDonalds.
Stay away from energy drinks, and drink water.
Always think positive, and know that if you hurt yourself, no one will save you, and if you benefit yourself, you soon will be on top.
Become more determined.
Most of us know what we want, we know what we want if what we want doesn't work, and we even have a plan C.
If we don't know what we want, we at least no what we would rather be doing.
We need to be determined after we have taken action.
Failing is not failing until you have decided you failed.
No one tried yesterday and achieved today.
It takes time, and each time you fail is a learning lesson.
So until you succeed, think of it as your schooling.
Know, just know that whatever it is you're attempting could happen, and it will happen if you don't stop.
Once you stop though, it will never happen.
Those are 5 habits that could really help our lives change.
Even though they are such small habits, together they can open many doors.
Work on them, make them your task for the next month, and be the best you can be.
With more listening than speaking, you will get more ideas, then you will pay attention to them and focus hard.
From there, you will have to manage your time better, just to make sure you are heading towards a good life, and not the same life.
You will become more energetic with just little transformation.
Combine all of those, then become determined to keep those habits alive, and up on top of the list everyday of your life, how could you go wrong? At this point, life will take you on a more clear route, you will become more aware of what you want, and you will be focused and energetic enough to actually make it happen.
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