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If I Don"t Eat Meat, Where Do I Get My Protein? (Part 2 of 2)

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What is the purpose of protein in the human body? Protein is a very important nutrient that has many functions: Protein is critical in the production of hormones and enzymes.
Enzymes are forms of protein that catalyze all chemical reactions in the body.
Antibodies are made of proteins, which fight diseases and clean up foreign bodies.
The carrier agents that transport oxygen in the blood are made of protein.
And, of course, as we all know, protein is essential for the structure, growth, repair, and function of all the cells that make up our tissues, organs, and glands.
Protein is made from the building blocks called amino acids, some of which the body makes and some of which the body must get from outside sources.
And this is the sticking point for most of us.
What are the best, most nutritious outside food sources of protein?We have all been lead to believe that our best sources of protein are animal products.
We have all been duped.
Our best sources of outside protein do not come from animal products.
If you research the journals and the books by experts such as John McDougall, M.
, Neal Bernard, M.
, Joel Fuhrman, M.
, T.
Colin Campbell, PhD.
, and many others, you will discover that the best sources of protein for human health, without the excess fat, cholesterol, chemicals, animal protein and calories, come from plant foods.
It's hard to believe that plant foods contain enough protein for human health.
Let's use our common sense and think about protein logically.
What is one of the main purposes of protein?Protein is necessary for growth.
Right? When do we grow the most?From the ages of 0 to 2 years old?What is the best food for growing babies?Human breast milk.
How much protein is in human breast milk?4.
5% protein.
The World Health Organization recommends that 4.
5% protein is necessary for human health and fitness.
How much protein do oranges contain? 8%.
Carrots? 10%.
Tomatoes? 16%.
Potatoes? 11%.
Brown rice? 8%.
Romaine lettuce? 36% According to the World Health Organization, we get plenty of protein from plant foods, without mixing and matching them.
One more logical question to ask yourself when you are wondering whether or not you are getting enough protein: "Where do some of our great, big, strong mammals get their protein for growth and maintenance for their muscles and bones?" Do elephants eat chicken?Do cows eat cows?Do horses eat fish?Do apes eat cheese?Do giraffes eat eggs? Of course not.
These animals grow and maintain large muscles and thrive by eating plant foods and not even a huge variety at that.
So the next time you eat beef or chicken or turkey or fish, don't fool yourself into thinking that you are eating it because you have to get your protein.
Be honest.
The reason and the only reason why you are eating animal products is because you like them, and you choose to eat them.
Just remember to assume full self-responsibility for the consequences of your daily food and lifestyle choices, and, as our parents taught us, there are always consequences to our actions, be they immediate or twenty years down the road.
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