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Ferguson v Mourinho

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ONE RULE FOR ONE, ONE FOR ANOTHER? JOSE MOURINHO "The circumstances are difficult with the new football rules we have to face.
It is forbidden to give a penalty against United and forbidden to give any penalties in favour of Chelsea.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "Mourinho seems to be on some sort of personal crusade.
It's calculated.
If we get a penalty against us, he wins that war.
It is wrong.
It is a rant all the time.
I don't think it's fair to the game.
" JOSE MOURINHO "There is no pressure on United.
If they play well, they win.
If they don't play well, they will get a penalty and still win.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "I would like to know who is changing the regulations? Is it us? The FA? Uefa? I feel Mourinho has been let off lightly with those comments.
" JOSE MOURINHO "I was not surprised Ferguson complained about our fixture against Spurs because he is intelligent and maybe he thinks other people are stupid.
The truth is United are very, very lucky with the fixtures because, until now, they have always played before us.
Ferguson is an intelligent man, successful, with a great career.
But when you think other people are stupid it is not a good quality.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "It seems the Premier League are quite happy to give Chelsea the extra time after European matches but not Tottenham.
Given the power Chelsea seem to have over issues like this, I am not surprised.
If the game had been played on Sunday lunchtime, Chelsea would still have had well over two full days to prepare for the Valencia game.
As it is, Tottenham get 36 hours.
" THE REFEREE'S A CONSPIRATOR: JOSE MOURINHO "It was a penalty to Sheffield United at Old Trafford.
It is not a conspiracy, it is fact.
I speak facts.
If not, I need big glasses.
If you tell me it was not a penalty - or a penalty for Middlesbrough, or for us against Newcastle, I must go to my optician.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "He's been talking about referees and he's the last person who should talk about referees.
The biggest fear for us is that by citing the fact we are not allowed to get penalties at Old Trafford, Mourinho is putting incredible pressure on referees.
" JOSE MOURINHO "I promise you if one day I have a ball that is two metres inside my goal and the referee doesn't allow it [as happened when Pedro Mendes' goal for Spurs against Man Utd was disallowed], I will not speak about referees for two years.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "There is plenty of talk about Chelsea and referees and Mourinho and referees.
I have a big catalogue on it.
Chelsea is an incredible club, so I think Jose should button his lip now for good, for the rest of the season.
" TEACHER, LEAVE THAT RONALDO KID ALONE JOSE MOURINHO "Ronaldo needs to be mature enough to accept you cannot argue against facts.
Maybe it's about a difficult childhood, no education.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "It is really below the belt to bring class into it.
Just because you come from a poor, working-class background does not mean you are not educated.
" JOSE MOURINHO "If Ronaldo says it's a lie Manchester United have conceded some penalties this season which have not been awarded against them, then he's lying.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "What Ronaldo has are principles - that is why he has not responded.
Some people are educated but have no principles.
" PREMIERSHIP RUN-INS JOSE MOURINHO "If Ferguson thinks it's over he's in trouble because it's not.
We are here for the fight and I enjoy the fight.
It is better to be in front but let's chase them - we can do it.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "We will only be in trouble if we listen to Jose too much.
It's Jose, he's panicking already.
" [Ferguson quips after his mobile phone rings during a media conference] JOSE MOURINHO "Considering the problems Chelsea have had, United should be 10, 12, 14 points clear of us.
I am happy to be six points behind.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "It has been a good day.
We didn't expect to be six points clear tonight but I think the best thing for us to do is look at the next game.
" JOSE MOURINHO "It doesn't matter who I think is the best team, what matters is the team with more points is the champion.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON "Jose understands winning and losing are twins in a way.
When you win you don't gloat and when you lose you don't go bananas.
" JOSE MOURINHO "I have to congratulate the champions Manchester United, their players, manager, fans, the board; all the people who helped them become champions.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "Maybe the fact Chelsea have dominated the Premiership for two years and we had a big job to do to catch them makes this title special.
" MAKING FA CUP FINAL HISTORY JOSE MOURINHO "If we win the trophy, we can say we have won every competition in domestic football.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "I am so pleased Manchester United are one of the first teams to play at the new Wembley.
" JOSE MOURINHO "If both teams can have an attacking and positive spirit, we can make the game a real final.
I will be very sad if the final is not a good event, with a good winner and a proud loser.
" SIR ALEX FERGUSON "When we got beat by Liverpool last season, I was hoping the stadium would not be finished because I really wanted to be one of the teams taking part in the first final there.
" by Oscar Daniel
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