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How to Prevent a Golf Slice? 2 "5 Minute" Cures For Your Slice

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Want to know how to prevent a golf slice? Most player struggle with the left to right action...
but the truth that you can eliminate it OVERNIGHT-when you know how.
Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself stripping a drive long and straight.
Now open them-that can and will be a reality.
And it's NOT nearly as hard to achieve as you think.
So what's the best instant fix? That depends on your swing.
The key is finding what problem causes your slice and fix that.
Everybody has a different reason...
but many fall within one of 2 swing flaws.
Therefore there are 2 cures that will fix the slice most of the time.
The key is trying both of them, one at a time and seeing which one works.
Here they are: CURE #1) Weak grip First I want you to try this simple tip-just turn your glove farther to the right on the shaft.
What does this do? Basically it just strengthens your grip, which naturally causes the club to be square during impact.
Most players slice due to an open clubface...
and often times that is caused by a faulty grip.
What's the correct hand position? A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to see 3 of your knuckles when looking down the shaft.
If you can't then your grip is too weak.
But that feels uncomfortable! Trust me-it will feel weird at first...
but it's necessary if you want to improve.
And this will not JUST fix your slice--it will also add a significant amount of distance to every club in your bag, including the ones you don't currently hit left to right with.
CURE #2) Pause at the top If the 1st tip doesn't work, try this: pause for a moment at the top of your swing.
This allows your body to shift to the left, which basically means you will have a better weight shift.
The lack of a weight shift is what causes your misses to the right, because if you try hitting the ball from you back foot the result will be an outside in swing.
The pause doesn't have to be long-a slight pause is all that's needed.
Implementing these tips one at a time is how to prevent a golf slice.
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