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How to Start Building a List

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How to start building a list is easier said than done for most people.
If you are on the internet for any reasonable length of time, you will probably be bombarded with countless promotions from online marketers who want to pass on to you their latest best product on how to start building your list.
You will most likely hear the term that the money is in the list.
There are so many ways coming at us as the best way how to start building a list.
So much so that the average online marketer, especially the starters can be confused as to which one to choose from, which one to really believe.
What many do not realize is, building a subscribers list is much easier than you think, or what many are making it out to be.
The bottom line is to differentiate between those you can use compared to those you should avoid at all cost.
Building a subscriber list is actually getting persons to sign up by giving you their information.
This is done most effectively with a squeeze page created and an autoresponder loaded to capture the subscribers' details and then follow up with them through pre-written emails.
To learn how to start building a list the right way, you have to do some simple research first.
You must know your market that you are interested in, and whether or not that market is big and profitable enough to make you good return on your investment of time and/or money.
After getting some basic information about your niche market, you next step is to offer value even before you start getting your first subscriber.
Your aim should be to over deliver, and let persons see that you know something about what they might be interested in to help them to either relieve pain or gain pleasure.
Within your natural giving attitude while learning how to start building a list, you should offer a free gift, something of value in the area that your searchers might be interested, based on their interest in your offerings you have put out.
This gift is given in exchange for their personal information The nest step after you have captured their data through your squeeze page autoresponder, you then follow up with emails to build trusting relationship with them before you even think of selling them anything.
To have these subscribers coming to your website in the first place is called on the internet, getting traffic, which can be a night mare for most internet marketers.
There are really tow basic ways of getting traffic: You either buy with time or you buy with money.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
In my next article, I will address these two methods of getting traffic to your squeeze page as you learn how to start building a list.
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