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How to Have a More Comfortable and Enjoyable Ride on Your Mountain Bike

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Bicycling is an activity that everyone can enjoy.
It can be a form of exercise or as means to have fun with friends and family.
As it is a low impact exercise, overweight people can use the bicycle as a way to exercise and control their weight rather than running or jogging that puts a lot of strain and weight on the knees and joints, creating problems and pains after a while.
Cycling is also a sport that can be taken up by any one at any age, making it the best sport to start regardless of your weight, age and experience.
You can by any cheap bike for this, but you should start by purchasing a mountain bike instead of a road bicycle as it is easier to control.
You would have a more comfortable ride at a lower speed by using a mountain bike.
You can get a road bike, but preferably once you have mastered handling your bicycle and have a higher fitness level.
In order to have a more comfortable ride on your cheap bike, there are a few things you should consider: · What is your bicycle fit? It should fit your size perfectly, not too big or not too small.
The stem too should fit and not be too long or too short.
· Adjust your position on your cheap bike by lowering or making your seat higher.
You could also try adjusting the stem to fit your arm length.
· The bike seat should be comfortable.
Neither too hard nor too soft.
The size should also fit you nicely, not to narrow or too wide.
· If you have had pain or numbness in your hands, then you should check the handlebar grips.
You can put foam grips or cork tape to make grasping easier.
You can also use gloves to make you feel more comfortable.
· Opting for wider tires would be a good option as it provides for a smoother ride.
· Check the fork on your cheap bike.
A suspension fork on your mountain bike will make the rides less bumpy while a carbon fork on a road bike will make riding smoother by eliminating vibrations.
· Consider adding a suspension stem to your mountain bike · Wear bike shorts as they have extra padding that will be blessing on long rides · You should also get biking shoes if your feet get numb after much pedaling You should also know that part of having a comfortable ride is knowing where you will be riding.
Will you be riding on dirt tracks or mainly asphalt? By knowing the answer to this simple question you will be able to buy the correct bicycle and thus make the correct modifications to your cheap bike to ensure better handling and comfortable rides.
Riding with friends and family that you like too are important as the activity would then be something that you can continue to do and enjoy together for years to come.
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