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Improve Search Engine Placement With Easy 1 - Way Links to Your Website

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Improved search engine placement is a goal of practically every webmaster.
To reach this goal with search engine optimization (SEO) we first optimize our websites for keywords, arrange web pages so that the search engines will find and count them, then get listed in directories, start to let the Net know we are there.
The most important step to improve search engine placement will be to get backlinks to our website from other, existing sites, hopefully sites with good page rank (PR).
There are several ways to do this; writing articles, blog posting, bookmarking and posting on web 2.
0 sites like Digg, Craigslist, Squidoo, etc.
All are time-consuming and require personal attention and work to get links and improve search engine placement.
We may also exchange links with other websites, on a "you link to me and I'll link to you" reciprocal basis.
This used to be a good way to get links, still helps, but is now heavily discounted by many search engines.
The links they give the most importance to are one-way links in from sites with relevant keywords.
You can get these links by writing e-mails to related websites and asking the webmaster to link to you.
Some will, most won't, but you can ask.
Again, this requires personal work and is slow and time-consuming.
There is another, automated way to get relevant one-way links into your website.
You can sign up for a 3-way links service.
With 3-way links, arrangements are made for site A to link to site B with a one-way (not reciprocal) link.
Then B links to C, and C, in turn, links to A.
Now all three websites have given a one way link and received a one way link in.
There are no reciprocal links involved.
Get 600 websites to participate, put 200 in class A, 200 in B and 200 in C, link them together and each can have 200 one-way links in and each can improve search engine placement.
Of course you need a bigger group to have workable numbers in each of several categories so that the links will be highly relevant.
And you will need to have someone setting up and arranging the whole service for everyone else; setting the rules, policing things and making sure the links are set up and live.
In arranging this the organizers usually make it highly automated.
You just set up your "Other Resources" links page, give them a brief sales pitch/description of your website and the keywords you want to use as anchor link text.
They take it from there and start putting links up.
You just sit back and watch it grow! The links come in automatically.
It does not take any of your time and there is no other effort involved unless you want to change keywords or object to certain sites, or otherwise manage and administer the link function.
It's a hands-off way to get links in and improve search engine placement.
There are a few good 3-way link setups out there working already and several new ones coming online.
You can shop around and get the initial service for free at many of the start-up operations.
The costs are reasonable and most allow multiple websites from one client, making your cost per website very reasonable indeed.
For more info on how to improve search engine placement and find good 3-way link providers, follow the links below...
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