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Why is My Computer Shutting Down Automatically?

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For years your computer has been in top notch condition, but one day you turn it on and it automatically shuts off by itself after a few moments.
After about 30 minutes of trying to turn it on again, it just won't budge - so you give up.
Later that day you go to your computer to test it, and it turns on fine.
What could possibly be the problem for this? There are many different problems why this could happen and going through each scenario will take some time.
For those with a laptop or desktop computer, you should experiment with the problem.
If you find that it turns off in the morning and starts up fine in the afternoon or any other time - you could have a dust problem.
Most computers collect dust from the inner components, causing it to overheat.
This in turn causes a number of problems, the most common one shutting down on it's own.
To fix this problem, all you need is your vacuums small brush attachment.
turn the vacuum on and place the nozzle near the holes and crevices of your computer.
This will suction all of the remaining dusk inside.
Another thing you can do is disconnect the computer from it's outlet and take off the cover.
When doing this, be very careful so you won't break any delicate components while vacuuming the inside.
You could also do this with a can of air that is compressed - it's available at most office stores or computer stores.
Hopefully the computer shutting down automatically will cease! However, if it is a laptop or notebook you are having trouble with - I advise to have a professional look at it.
The pieces inside are so small that you could easily damage it if you don't know what you are doing.
The best place I would recommend for computer fixes is at Best Buy.
Their team of computer geeks are fabulous and work quickly!
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