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What Is the Gravity Percentage on Jupiter?

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    Jupiter Facts

    • Jupiter has a magnetic field that is 20,000 times more powerful than Earth's. Jupiter has 3 rings that are only visible when back-lit by the sun. Jupiter also has striped dark and light belts, formed by east to west winds in its upper atmosphere. It has a giant spinning storm known the Great Red Spot and visible clouds that are composed of ammonia.


    • To calculate the surface gravity of an object, you must know the mass and radius of that object. The mass multiplied by the radius squared -- multiplied by the gravitational constant -- gives you the surface gravity of a particular object.

    Jupiter's Surface Gravity

    • Jupiter has a mass of 1.90 times 10 to the 27th power, which is 318 times that of the Earth, and a radius 71,492 kilometers; which is 11.2 times that of the Earth. Using Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, Jupiter has a surface gravity that is 2.5 times -- or 250 percent -- that of the Earth's.

    Weight on Jupiter

    • Your weight is the measure of the gravitational pull between you and the object you are standing on. The larger your mass, the larger the gravitational pull; therefore, you will weigh approximately 2.5 times as much on Jupiter as you do on Earth.

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