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How to Hook Up VGA to RCA

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    • 1). Connect the VGA end of the cable to either the computer or the computer monitor. If you want to watch content on your monitor attach the cable to the monitor. If you want to view the contents of your computer over a television you plug the VGA end of the cable into the computer's VGA port.

    • 2). Tighten the screws on the side of the cable. These screws ensure a secure cable connection.

    • 3). Plug the yellow video RCA cable into other device. If using a television as a large monitor connect the cable into the "Video In" port. If sending a signal out from a different device (such as a DVD player) insert the cable into the "Video Out" port.

    • 4). Power on the device you have connected to the computer/monitor. If using the monitor, turn it on. If using the computer, turn it on.

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