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How Do I Care for a Peace Lily?

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    • 1). Plant your peace lily in a commercial soil containing peat moss, bark and sand. Use a medium- to large-sized planter to ensure the plant's roots have room to grow. It is not uncommon for the roots to grow through the bottom holes of the planter and into the tray. Re-pot your peace lily in new soil every two to three years.

    • 2). Place the plant near bright, filtered light, in an area approximately 65-85 degrees F.

    • 3). Water your peace lily with room-temperature water until the soil is moist, but not soggy. Allow the soil to slightly dry between waterings and then provide more water. If using tap water, allow the water to sit out for at least 24 hours prior to watering to ensure the chlorine contained in the water has evaporated.

    • 4). Fertilize the peace lily every two to three months using a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer. Dilute the fertilizer by half with water to prevent over-feeding.

    • 5). Wipe the leaves of the plant with a damp cloth to remove dust and pests from the leaves as needed.

    • 6). Cut the center of the blooms after they have finished spreading pollen, which is visible, using a pair of scissors. The white spathe will survive for several months without the center.

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