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MLM and Network Marketing - Should You Be Worried Because of the Current Economic Status?

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By now we have all come to realize that our economy is struggling.
Many people are feeling the direct effect with the rising gas prices, cost of food, and cut backs in the job market.
I mean let's face it, General Motors almost shut their doors completely.
Companies all over the country have been hit very hard and people have been losing their jobs.
There is no doubt that we are all dealing with a very difficult time.
So what does this mean than for those of us involved with Network Marketing and other home based businesses? Although thousands of jobs nationwide are closing their doors and hundreds of thousands of people may potentially lose their jobs, the Network Marketing and home based business industry is only growing, and I will tell you why.
Just last night I got off the phone with one of my prospects who is interested in getting started with working from home.
He explained to me that he and his fellow co-workers had overheard a plan to minimize the number of employees at the mid sized corporation where they all work.
He told me that he was very aware of the millions of people who work from home generating a hefty second income, as well as the people who work from home full time generating an even greater income.
It wasn't for certain that he would be losing his job, but he wanted something lined up just in case.
I spent about an hour teaching him just some of what I've learned over time working with this industry and what it would take for him to be successful.
He became very enthusiastic and was even more thrilled to repeat the information we had discussed to his co-workers.
My answer to the question of whether the current economic status will hurt Network Marketing and other affiliate programs is No! People are scared about losing their jobs, worried about rising costs, and are not sure what the future has in store for them.
This will most definitely drive them to look for other sources of income, which is where Network Marketing and the online community come into play.
Never has there been such a demand and desire to work from home as their is today.
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