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How to Prepare Yourself For a Street Fight

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There are many different ways that you can become a good fighter, but what sort of fighter do you want to be? I am going to cover two different types of fighting and both of them require the same strategy to fight good, it's the one strategy that all good fighters have in common, that is their mindset.
The way you think can determine a lot for the result of the fight.
I can tell you this for sure, whether you think you will win or think you will lose, either way you are right! Let me explain, your mind is what activates all the processes throughout your body.
It will do whatever you program it to do.
Basically without going into too much science your body will react to your thoughts and this brief breakdown is what happens in a fight: 1) You process a thought 2) Your mind transfers the energy to your nerves 3) Your nerves take the message to the appropriate muscles which carry out the action 4) The muscles contract and the movement is made Now this process is just a basic concept and happens very quickly, but the fact is that this is the hidden power to whether you become a good fighter or not.
If you are thinking positive then you will be relaxed and confident and actions will be fast, but if you think negative your mind will transfer negative energy through your body.
This will result in tension and your reactions will be slow.
The key secret if you want to become a good fighter is to think confidently, stay focused and remember that the person you are fighting is made up of flesh and bones just like you, they feel pain too and feel fear.
If for example 2 identical guys with all the same physical qualities had a fight, who would win? They are physically identical so the winner would have to be the guy with the right mindset, it would be the only possible way to win.
How to Fight Good In Sport Competition To fight good in sport competition for example: Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing etc.
, you must remember that you are up against other highly skilled fighters.
Although the thought of this can fill you with fear it's not so bad as there are referees and rules in fighting sports.
To fight good and beat a sport fighter it is advisable to increase your stamina, strength and flexibility using proven training routines.
Carry out repetition on technique and the speed will come naturally.
With all this said, it is still important to keep your mindset strong and positive so that your body will react the way it needs to.
How to Fight Good On the Street This is a completely different concept, there are no rules on the street and if you want to become a good fighter on the pavement arena then you have to put your mind into self-protection mode.
Always be aware that you could be attacked and even killed.
If you can escape then do so but if not, you have to be brutal, street fights will almost definitely go to the floor so you need to learn how to protect yourself from the ground as well as upright scenarios, your life is in your own hands not in those of a referee.
Educate yourself with proven street fight moves if you want to be a good fighter and survive the violent streets of today.
Conclusion: You really can become a good fighter if you focus on entering the fight with the correct mindset.
If you have the right fighting system in place your confidence will grow naturally.
Decide if you want to become a good fighter, take action and become first class so you can protect yourself and those you love if you have to.
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