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Titanium Vs. Stainless Steel Watches

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    Lighter and Stronger

    • Titanium is about 30 percent stronger than steel but weighs about half as much. It's a silver-gray material that is excavated from sand deposits and igneous rocks. Titanium is primarily used in NASA space and aircraft construction. The qualities of titanium include an oxide film that can't corrode or rust, according to Euroaestar.com.

    Titanium versus Stainless Steel

    • The obvious distinction between titanium and stainless steel is that stainless-steel-cased watches are heavier than titanium. This is not necessarily a drawback since watch styles in the first decade of the 21st century have evolved to larger and heavier timepieces to give what watch enthusiasts call "wrist presence." Although Titanium watches are more durable, it's possible they can crack under extreme abuse or pressure. Titanium watch cases can't be repaired. Stainless steel cases can be. Titanium is hypoallergenic. Stainless steel can be uncomfortable to wear if the skin perspires.

    Water Sports

    • Watch fashion trends have evolved since the late 1990s to sports-style watches. These watches are highly water resistant. They feature multiple chronograph functions such as a stopwatch and water depth gauge. Titanium has gained more popularity because the metal is more suitable for contact with water than stainless steel and will not corrode.

    Fashion Statement

    • The use of titanium in watch cases is divided into two camps: wearers who prefer non-traditional case colors and wearers who prefer stainless steel, platinum or gold-filled cases. Many wearers prefer the gray, dull color of titanium. Traditionalists---and that's most of the watch market---prefer the classic style of stainless steel and gold-plated watches. Less recognizable, but more expensive and prestigious to wear, is platinum. Titanium announces itself with its color.

    Stainless Steel Advantages

    • Titanium is not going to replace the stainless steel watch any time soon. Titanium is more expensive than stainless steel. The low-end and designer watch brands using titanium, such as Citizen, Seiko, Skagen, Adidas and Lacoste, must sell their watches slightly higher than the same brands offering watches in stainless steel. Stainless steel can be repaired and plated gold if desired. Gold-plating a titanium watch is not possible. Titanium watches scratch easily, and attempts to buff out the scratches are difficult. Scratches on stainless steel watch cases are relatively easy to buff out.

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