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Attorneys - How to Create Bad Web Marketing

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When you are a small law firm your competitive differentiation is not simply your expertise, but also your trustworthiness, personality, and manner.
Look at your website and three others from similar firms.
Can someone really tell the important differences among you and the others? Chances are, no.
Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you don't fall into the Bad Attorney Web Marketing trap.
  1. Bad Mistake 1 is when you assume that your potential client will be so interested in what your website says that he or she will studiously read through it.
    They won't.
    Look at your site.
    Does it immediately grab a potential client's attention?
  2. Bad Mistake 2 is when you use the same terms and claims as your competitors.
    Look at your text for hackneyed language like "we care," "we work hard," "our dedicated staff will fight for you...
    " You get the idea.
    Your potential clients learn nothing about you reading this kind of language -- except that you are no different from your competitors.
  3. Bad Mistake 3 is when you say "we're the best," but you fail to show it with stories and examples that connect with people.
  4. Bad Mistake 4 is when your site is nothing more than an advertisement for you rather than an authentic interaction with you.
  5. Bad Mistake 5 is when you try to be everything to everyone because you fear missing a potential piece of business.
    That kind of approach leaves potential clients unsure of what you do really well.
    Jack of all trades; master of none.
Take a serious, objective look at your web marketing, on your own website and others where you appear.
If your web marketing does not quickly convey the "who you are" behind the "what you do" then you are losing business and missing the greatest opportunity that the web affords.
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