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How to Monitor Audio GS20 Speakers

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    • 1). Look behind your speakers. There are two inputs: black and red. Some speakers connect via screw; some connect using a special clamp.

    • 2). Look behind your stereo. Different stereos have different outputs; some use speaker wires, some use RCA cables, and some use 1/4-inch mono cables.

    • 3). Connect your stereo to a converter, if necessary. If you have a stereo that uses RCA outputs, you will need two conversion devices that convert RCA to speaker wires. If your stereo uses speaker wire outputs, you will not need a converter. Speaker wire outputs look like either two screws or two clamps that are black and red.

    • 4). Cut two pieces of speaker wire. This can be as long as you want.

    • 5). Strip both ends of the your wires. Each length of speaker wire will have two wires. You will need to strip both wires on both ends. You should remove about a half-inch of the rubber protection around your wires.

    • 6). Look at your speaker wire to RCA cable converter. It should have a female RCA jack on one end, and two stripped wires on the other.

    • 7). Twist your speaker wire together with the two wires on the RCA converter. This way each converter has one set of speaker wire connected to it.

    • 8). Wrap each of your twisted wires with 1 inch of electric tape so that the wires that are twisted together are not exposed.

    • 9). Plug your speaker wire into the main outputs on your stereo. Match the wire with a white stripe to the red-colored input.

    • 10

      Plug your RCA cable into your two RCA female jacks. These female jacks are connected to your speaker wire, which is connected to your stereo.

    • 11

      Plug the other end to your RCA cables into the jacks labeled "Input" behind your VU meter. There will be two cables and two inputs.

    • 12

      Plug your other RCA cable into the audio outputs behind your VU meter.

    • 13

      Plug the other end of your RCA cable into two RCA to speaker wire converters.

    • 14

      Connect the converters to your GS20 speakers matching the white-striped converter wire to the red speaker input and the unmarked to the black.

    • 15

      Plug in and turn on your VU meter.

    • 16

      Play music through your stereo system. You should now see the audio being metered on your VU meter.

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