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How to Make a Slideshow in LG Voyager

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    Programming With the External Keypad

    • 1). Turn the phone on by pressing the phone symbol button on the bottom right corner of the phone and holding it for a few seconds until the screen lights up. If the phone is already on and the keys are not working, it might be locked. To unlock the phone, slide and let go of the small control on the upper left hand side of the phone or push the symbol that looks like an open lock. The phone will light up and the controls will be visible.

    • 2). Press and then let go of the menu symbol on the screen. It is four dots, arranged in a square. This opens up the main menu of the phone.

    • 3). Press and then let go of the settings and tools icon. It has a picture that looks like a gear and says "Settings & Tools." A numbered menu comes up.

    • 4). Touch "5. Display Settings." This part of the menu controls the size and type of letters, the wallpaper, banner, clock and anything else that is visible on the screen.

    • 5). Press "3. Wallpaper." A choice of internal or external wallpaper appears.

    • 6). Press on either "Internal Wallpaper" or "External Wallpaper." Choosing "External Wallpaper" controls the pictures displayed on the front screen of the phone and choosing "Internal Wallpaper" controls what is displayed on the inside screen.

    • 7). Press on "Slide Show." The phone will display pictures saved in the memory. Press on the pictures to select them. Press again to remove them if needed. The selected pictures become a part of the slide show.

    • 8). Press "OK" and the slide show is saved and will play on the chosen screen.

    Programming With the Internal Keypad

    • 1). Turn on the phone by pressing and holding the button on the bottom right corner of the front of the phone.

    • 2). Flip open the phone and press the "OK" button on the right side of the keyboard. A menu appears on the inside screen.

    • 3). Press the down arrow, located on the keyboard underneath the "OK" button, to scroll down to "Settings and Tools."

    • 4). Press the "5" key on the keyboard to choose "Display Settings." The up and down arrows will also scroll and highlight menu items on the screen. If using the arrows, highlight "Display Settings" and press "OK."

    • 5). Press the "3" key on the keyboard to choose "Wallpaper," or use the arrows to highlight "Wallpaper" on the menu and press "OK."

    • 6). Use the up or down arrows, located above and below the "OK" button, to highlight "Internal Wallpaper" or "External Wallpaper." Press "OK" to choose to play the slide show on the inside or the outside screen.

    • 7). Use the arrows again to highlight "Slide Show." Press "OK."

    • 8). Use the arrows to move through the available pictures. When a picture is highlighted, press "OK" to select it for the slide show. Use the arrows to find another picture and press "OK" to select it. Continue this until all the desired pictures are selected.

    • 9). Press "OK" again to save and play the slide show.

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