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History Of The English Language

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There is the old English which use to be spoken from around 450-1100 AD.
This form of English did not look and or sound like anything that is spoken today.
The ability to understand this is something that native English speaking people would have a hard time understanding.
Words such as "be" and "water" is derived from the old English.
From the 1100-1500 AD, this is the time that the Middle English was spoken, the Duke of Normandy conquered England.
For a while, the English language was divided into lower class as well as upper class.
During the fourteenth century, the ability to speak English became dominant in England.
This however, at the time, had many French words that were added to the language.
The English poet of this time, Chaucer use to write poems and many native speakers of the language would find it hard to understand and grasp.
Modern English was introduced during the 1500-1800 AD, and there was a distinct change in the pronunciations of many words.
This is the period known as the Great Vowel Shift and it is known to have become shorter with time.
The 16th century was the period when many of the French learned new words and got to know many people as well with all the traveling and so forth.
This is the century when books became cheaper and more people took an interest in learning to read.
Printing was invented and this meant that books now became a more popular feature.
Printing of all books were set in English.
The first dictionary was available in the year 1604.
From the 1800, to the present year, the late modern English came into being.
The difference between this English and the early modern English is the vocabulary.
The later version of the language consists of more words, the reason being that there was a need created for more words by the industrial revolution and the British Empire was on the height on half of the earth's surface.
The English at the time has adopted new words from many countries all over the world.
A distinct version of the English language was founded in North America.
This sounded more like the English of Shakespeare.
There is much more that can be said about the rich history of the English language and if you take a look at the past events of the events that has proceeded to where the language is now, it is no surprise that the language is one that has grown and is also known world wide.
If you are to go back to the older versions of the language, you will have to study up and see what it is that is being referred to.
There is no way that you would be able to pick up on this language.
It is a great idea to allow yourself to learn more on the history of English.
You will notice that not only will you be blown away by the results, but the poetry of the earlier English is something that you should take a look at.
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