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Storing Frozen Bait For Sea Fishing

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There are many ways in which to store your frozen bait for a day's fishing trip and keep it in tip top condition for when you need it the most.
So many anglers fail to store their frozen bait correctly resulting in a mushy mess when you reach the venue.
The best chances of catching is when the bait is at its prime.
The first method is the standard cool bag.
Sea Fishing companies stock a variety of different cool bag designs but they all do the same job.
A good approach to the cool bag method is place smaller bait that would normally defrost quickly near larger frozen baits such as a block of squid etc, this acts like a ice block and will sustain the temperature for longer.
If you are planning on just fishing with smaller frozen bait an ice pack would be the correct way to go about it.
All the bait should be wrapped up in newspaper to help slow the thawing process.
In these circumstances you would want to take the bait out of your freezer at the latest possible time.
Upon reaching the venue you must resist the urge not to keep opening and closing the cool bag as this will allow hot air into the bag.
Another method is to place smaller baits such as hermit crap peeler and Sand eels in a Thermos flask this will keep bait frozen for a long period of time.
The downside to this method is you are limited to the amount of bait that you can get in one flask.
A more basic method is to wrap the bait up in bubble wrap and then place it inside an air tight bag.
The bait will stay in fairly good condition however I would only recommend this for shorter fishing trips.
With the correct approach to storing bait also consider when you are at the venue to try and keep the bait out of the sun for as long as possible, placing the bait in the shade helps or even covering the bag with your coat helps.
When taking the bait out you may want to take more out than you need if you are changing bait regularly as this will reduce the amount of times you have to open the bait bag.
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