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Elements If Overlooked Decrease Conversion Rate

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Is your website ready? Yes
Is your website live? Yes
Is your website functioning? Yes
Is your website driving sales? No

If you answered all the above questions in a similar manner lets welcome you to the club. You are not alone in the market who doesnt get any conversions despite having a great website. Many website owners invest hefty sum of money in designing a website but receive no response in turn. Do you know why it happens? This is because at times we fail to pay attention to the most important elements of a website that help in driving conversions. Let us now discuss about the factors that come under the category of overlooked elements in an ecommerce website.

Security of Information

For online shopping, customers may have to enter sensitive information such as credit card number, address and phone number. If the website shows no sign of security then every visitor would be hesitant in giving his personal information. So, you need to ensure that the payment gateway is secure and customers know about the same. Also, you can leave a contact number where customers can contact you in case they have any queries regarding the security. For more options on how to make your website secure, you must contact web development company India.

Detailed Pricing Information

Price is the first thing that visitors look at before buying any particular product. If you have not listed prices on the website properly then the conversion rate might decrease. So, check if the pricing structure has been mentioned on your ecommerce website or not. If not, get it done right away.]

Testimonials! You Need to Flaunt Them

Receiving positive comments from customers is always a matter of pride. Now you can magnify your happiness by sharing these testimonials with the rest of the world. Another advantage of sharing testimonials is you can attract more conversions. What are you waiting for? Ask your web development company to setup a testimonial section on your website where potential customers can read all the positive things about your company.

Good Quality Write-up

Along with putting high quality pictures, your website should have quality content as well. The content should be written in such a manner that it persuades visitors to buy more products from your online store. In fact, the tone of writing on ecommerce websites is different from ordinary sites and you should conduct research to find someone who can write perfect content for increasing conversion rates.
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