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How to Flush an Auto Transmission

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    • 1). Raise the front of the vehicle with a floor jack and support the vehicle with jack stands. Set the parking brake and place wheel chocks at the rear wheels.

    • 2). Set a large drain pan underneath the transmission oil cooler. Disconnect the fluid cooler lines lines with the disconnect tool. Direct these lines toward the drain pan.

    • 3). Remove the dipstick and place a funnel inside the hole. Be prepared to add transmission fluid to the fill hole at the rate of the fluid being pumped out of the transmission oil cooler lines and into the drain pan.

    • 4). Have a partner start the engine. The transmission will begin to pump fluid out of the lines. Add transmission fluid at the same rate as the fluid being pumped out. When the fluid color brightens or when the total capacity of the transmission has been replaced, shut the engine off.

    • 5). Reattach the transmission oil cooler lines. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

    • 6). Recheck the fluid level as outlined by the owner's manual. Inspect the transmission, oil cooler and lines for any leaks.

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