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We all love to share online, there is a good reason social sites have become so huge in the past few years.
If you are an online marketer than you are most likely already active on the largest social networks and have probably even found your way to a social bookmarking site or two.
These are common places to market and promote both products and services.
However, if you and your business are not taking advantage of online document sharing then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to wow your clients and turn information hungry readers into customers.
If you are looking for new ways to promote your business online, this may be the key to reaching new laser targeted visitors and offering big reason for prospects to choose to do business with you.
Gain Credibility and Become An Authority On Your Niche Or Topic When you publish online documents on the most popular document sharing sites you can gain a lot of instant credibility if you are producing high quality content.
The perceived value of content on these sites is much higher than regular blogging sites or on an article directory site.
The document sharing sites usually do not get bogged down with spam like the content farm sites that got hit by the Panda update.
When you continue to publish high quality white papers, how to guides and other types of resources, those who are consuming your content will be automatically exposed to your profile and any links that are added to the documents that may lead back to your company's web site or landing page.
Provide Up Front Value To Your Prospective Clients There is no way to turn a reader into a buyer faster than showing them some real value up front.
The thought process in most buyers minds, is that if you can provide useful information to them for free, the stuff you are selling must hold a huge value.
With this in mind, don't let your readers down.
Give away as much useful content and information as you can, just make sure not to give away to much for free.
Many of these file sharing sites help your document get automatically passed around the right circles.
The Scribd download feature will let viewers download your document in PDF format or other popular document formats.
This is good for you, because now they can share you information in other places for you.
If you have great content you can pickup some viral effects from this feature alone.
Gain Valuable Mentions And SEO Links When you are ready to start using document sharing sites you will need to start in Google Docs or in Microsoft word.
This will make sure you have corrected grammar and spelling and that your content has a professional feel to it.
Then you can upload your files to the document sharing site of choice.
So when you are getting ready to get started you will need to keep in mind that you want to make a document that people "want" to share, plenty of graphics and a catchy headline is a good start.
However, do not forget to add your own links on the keywords you are targeting, because many of the biggest document sharing sites pass a lot of link juice.
It is also highly suggested to great groups or folders full of similar content on document sharing web sites.
This will help you carve out your own niche on the site you are uploading to and you will be able to gain favorable rankings elsewhere if you use a strong link creation strategy.
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