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Tips on Women and Dating - Top Things to Never Say to a Woman on a Date

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These tips on women will be a life saver for you.
Never leave home to meet a woman without first reviewing this list of things to never say to a girl, ever.
Here they are the five most dangerous things to say to a woman on a date.
Never say one of them to a woman; you wouldn't know what happen to you.
A girl could be enjoying herself and having a great fun with you, however, when you say something like the things I'm going to reveal to you, her face will turn pale and she will start looking for a way out.
Don't let this happen to you, and please, get your act together with women by never saying stuff like this: · Number five of these top tips on women is: when can we meet? Yes, a question.
This question is dangerous.
Why? Because a girl will know immediately that you have no life of your own and that you can't take decisions neither for yourself nor for her, which is terrible at attracting women.
This question can be changed by something very mature and confident like: "Friday night, 8 O'clock".
You have to be decisive with a woman or you will lose her trust and attraction for you.
• Number four of these top tips on women is: where can I take you? Again, a question.
In general, whenever you start feeling doubtful, women will start feeling regretful about you.
The good thing to do here is again: take a decision, but this time, don't tell the girl where you are taking her.
Just decide on a place you want to take here to and do it.
· Number three of these top tips on women is: a compliment.
One compliment when you first meet her is probably harmless, but more than one is surely lethal to her attraction for you.
Women are said to like and desire compliments, it's a lie! They like compliments when they are rare and truthful, however, when you meet her for the first or second time and you give her five or twenty compliments, she will get annoyed and disgusted by you, and would probably go to the alley and call her jerk ex-boyfriend asking him to get her back.
Compliments are bad! · Number two of these tips on women: something boring Sport is a no, your raise is a no, weather is definitely a no, how monkeys mate is a no...
Any subject that is going to either make her feel asleep or vomit is a no.
· Number one is: question about you This is the most dangerous thing to say to her: "How do you like me so far?" Trust me, it's like stabbing her in the chest, you should avoid questioning her about you or your appearance or anything else, the best thing to do is to read this: how to make a girl laugh, it's an article about how to make women laugh, being funny is the easiest way to seduce a woman and this article is the best read you can have on the subject.
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