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Coconut Water - Specialty Food Glossary & Guide

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Definition: Coconut water is the clear to translucent alabaster liquid present inside young green coconuts. The flavor of coconut water varies depending on the harvest region, but it is generally mild and slightly sweet. Coconut water is isotonic, and rich in electrolytes, minerals, and lauric acid. Its unique composition makes it an excellent hydrator; its use as an emergency replacement for IV fluid has even been documented in the medical literature.

Coconut water has long been enjoyed in tropical regions, and has gained popularity in the US as a natural alternative to sports drinks, where it is promoted for rehydration following exercise, exertion or illness.

Also Known As: agua de coco, agua de pipa

Coconut Water Uses:
  • Drink it straight, well-chilled.
  • Add coconut water to smoothies.
  • Experiment with coconut water in cocktails.
  • Freeze coconut water into popsicles.
  • Use coconut water to cook rice or other grains.

Coconut Water Recipes:

Coconut Infused Jasmine Rice

Where to Buy Coconut Water:

Vitacoco sells 100% pure coconut water in 11.2 oz, 17 oz, and 34 oz sizes. The line also includes fruit-infused coconut waters, which are flavored with juices or purees. Available in Açai & Pom, Pineapple, Peach & Mango, Tangerine, and Passion Fruit. Star-K Kosher. Available in supermarkets and at natural food stores, or order online at Amazon.com. Price: $24/12-pack case of 11.2 ounce containers.

Zico uses a blend of coconut waters sourced from around the world, which helps ensure consistent flavor and quality.

In an effort to lower its carbon footprint, Zico ships the water in concentrate form. The company is also transitioning from Tetra Pak cartons - which are rarely recycled in the US - to domestically-produced, resealable HDPE bottles, made in part from recycled materials. Zico coconut waters are available in Natural, Mango, Passion Fruit, Pomberry, and Lima Citron flavors. Available in supermarkets and at natural food stores, or order online at Amazon.com. O-U Kosher. Price: $30/12-pack case of 14 ounce bottles.

Growing up in Brazil, O.N.E. founder Rodrigo Veloso enjoyed coconut water, and exotic fruits like cashew apples and açai. When he learned how much waste was typically generated harvesting the more marketable coconut meat, cashew nuts, etc., he was inspired to find a way to use these crops in their entirety. As a result, the O.N.E. line includes the most unusual flavors - think Coffee Fruit, Cashew Fruit, and Amazon Açai - in addition to 100% Coconut Water. Veloso's environmental and social commitment drives the company's support of sustainable sourcing, and non-profits including Healthy Child Healthy World. Available in supermarkets and at natural food stores, or order online at Amazon.com. Price: $1.99/11.2 oz; $4.59/34 oz.

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