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Don"t be Cheapskate When Buying a Drinking Water Filter System!

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Buying a drinking water filter system  for your home is important, but because there is so much demand for the systems, there are some pretty bad products out there. Of course, the top companies are reputable and honest, but marketers can not always be trusted.

All that you want is something clean and pure to drink. And you will see those two words on nearly ever drinking water filter system, because marketers know that's what you want.

Try to ignore the advertising hype and look at the facts. Companies should provide product performance data for their drinking water filter system,  but if you order one from HSN or QVC, you will find that information missing.

If you call the company, you may learn that what you have purchased is not a purifier at all, but merely a drinking water filter system that blocks some chlorine and odor.

Chlorine removal is fine, but not enough anymore. We have learned that drugs, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, benzene, gasoline additives and tiny bacterial cysts are all present in groundwater and come through the tap. Data sheets should include information about how effectively those contaminants will be removed. There is a drinking water filter system that will remove them all, but you have to be a smart shopper to find it.

Price is no indication of performance. The most expensive systems are sometimes the least effective. Of course, you have to watch out for the ones on the other end of the scale, as well.

If a drinking water filter system is not sold in specific states, there's a reason. In the states of California, Wisconsin and Massachusetts, companies are required to have their products certified by independent laboratories, such as Underwriters or UL. Performance claims must be certified before the ,b.drinking water filter system,/b> can be sold, so companies with inferior systems avoid those areas.

California also provides a department of health certificate to companies that have excellent performance records. Extensive testing is required to receive this certificate. So, if a company has one, you can rest assured that you have found quality.

A drinking water filter system that costs less initially usually costs more to use. The cartridges usually have a short lifespan requiring frequent replacement. There really is no such thing as a maintenance free unit. There are some disposable ones, but they cost even more in the long run and are mostly ineffective.

A reasonable price to pay is around $125 for a kitchen countertop unit. Of course those systems come direct from the factory. You'll pay more if you buy from a department store or dealer, because of mark-up. Everybody wants to make a profit.

People say that any drinking water filter system is better than none, but personally, I want the best for my family. You probably do, too. We can get the best at a reasonable price, as long as we shop with care.
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