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How to Sanitize a Water Softener

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    Cleaning the Water Softener

    • 1). Clean the bottom and inside of a dirty tank with a sponge and water only. Use no chemicals. Remove the remaining salt or allow the softener to use up its salt in order to do this.

    • 2). Add a bag of salt to the storage tank.

    • 3). Run a manual regeneration cycle (also called a recharge cycle), according to your water softener's instructions.

    Sanitizing the Water Softener

    • 1). Remove the cover of the brinewell, which is the large tube inside the storage tank. The cover will twist or lift off.

    • 2). Pour 2 tbsp. of common unscented household bleach into the brinewell. Replace the brinewell cover.

    • 3). Run a manual regeneration (recharge) to draw the bleach through the softener system to sanitize it.

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