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A luxury wish this Christmas

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The holiday season is such a magical and nostalgic time of year especially when your friends and family gather together. This time of year for others can be somewhat of a time of stress, what with a busy work schedule, the Christmas parties and the planning; cooking the Christmas dinner and baking the Christmas cake; house cleaning and making sure all your guests can make it to your house for Christmas; the buying, wrapping and the hiding of the presents. Then there is of course the rush of trying to buy your Christmas gifts, especially if you've left it until the last minute to buy your Christmas gifts, which leads to panic and worry if you've ordered your presents online as the postal service is always three times slower during this time of year.

I am captivated by the term luxury and have begun to think that if money was no object would there still be the same amount of stress? A solution to this problem would be to simply pack your bags and go off on a luxury holiday to somewhere warm and tropical. This scenario reminds me of a movie called €four Christmases' where every year the lead characters conjure up an excuse to their families as to why they can't make it to see them so that they can spend time with them this Christmas, in order for them to venture off and go on a relaxing, tropical holiday in the sun.

For those who have seen this movie you will note that the couple end up having to spend time with their family and it's during this time that they understand the true meaning of Christmas. But this couple had not seen their families over the holiday period for over ten years, so for you to miss one this year would not be so bad?

Now that you've decided to escape the stresses and strains of Christmas you just need to select a luxury holiday destination. I can think of no better place for an indulgent and relaxing holiday than a vacation to the Maldives. A luxury holiday in the Maldives is an incredible chance to discover an enchanted paradise; it's a luxury destination where your castaway dreams come true.

The Maldives has turquoise deep seas, blue reefs and white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees. It is one of the perfect locations to just simply sit on a beach and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand, but the Maldives is a geographical marvel, with an eclectic range of tropical fish swimming around the coral reefs which are located within touching distance of the shore. It is no wonder why the Maldives is the most sort after holiday and honeymoon destination for the celebrities.

No matter what you decide to do during this festive period, whether you decide to go on a luxury holiday or stay at home. It is important that you enjoy yourself and try not to get too stressed with your Christmas preparations, after all Christmas is just one day of the year and is over within the blink of an eye.

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