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Remedies for Acid Reflux: Getting the Best One For You

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When you are experiencing heartburn, the intensifying discomfort is very painful and gaining knowledge on some remedies for acid reflux would perhaps be the first thing that you would like to know.

Individuals who are facing this digestive trouble experiences a number of things including difficulty in swallowing, stabbing and burning sensation in the chest, and the sting of the bitter taste of acid that slowly creeps into the esophagus.

There are two types of remedies for acid reflux: medication in the form of formulated drugs and the natural remedies, which one can prepare at home. For the first option, most of the formulation created for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease are medications that try to suppress the acid production in the stomach. This option however is not at all encouraged since the suppression of the production of acids in the stomach actually makes your stomach open to parasitic attacks. This is because the natural defense, which is the acidic environment of the stomach, is stripped off.

So instead of taking drugs, it is better to use natural remedies for heartburn. Often, the home remedies need to be paved first with a detoxification diet and coupled with an increased intake of water. This done in order to lower the acidity of the stomach but not too much that natural the defense is taken away. Some natural remedies for heartburn include the following:

* chamomile - frequent consumption of this tea is sure to help ease out the discomforting effect of irritation of the esophagus.

* aloe vera - this plant is not only good for the hair but is also known to help eradicate pain brought by heartburn. The extract of the plant is perfect for curing the lining of the intestines.

* ginger - whether chewing a fresh piece or boiling a sample to produce a concoction, ginger is a perfect reliever of acid back flow in the mouth. So choose which is more convenient for you: to chew or to boil.

* Potatoes - this tuber is also hailed as the perfect plant that can eradicate heartburn discomfort. A whole tuber is juiced and the resulting fluid is to be consumed on a regular interval. You can upgrade and enhance the flavor through addition of flavored juices to vary the taste.

* Papaya - this fruit is one of the remedies for acid reflux and perfect also for relieving the discomfort of heartburn. The fruit itself contains enzymes that are said to hasten the breakdown of food in the stomach and thus, beneficial in eradicating the incidence of heartburn.
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