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Great Gifts For Runners

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Every runner loves getting new running related gifts and gadgets.
Whether you are making out your gift list - or have a runner on yours - here is my list of great gifts for runners.
iPod Shuffle - There are different models of iPods out there - but I think that for runners the iPod shuffle is the best.
It's small and you hardly know it's there when you're out on a run.
And, that's extremely important to me.
I had never wanted an iPod, but several years ago, my husband bought me one for Christmas.
Well, it turned out to be perfect.
I hate anything bulky when I run - and he knew this.
The Shuffle is perfect! You don't have the capacity of other iPods - but I'll gladly give up a few songs for the compactness of the Shuffle.
Forerunner GPS Watch - All runners need a good watch.
And, if you are looking for a GPS watch, the Garmin Forerunner in the one you want to look at.
I love the ease of using this watch.
The distance and time feature is super easy to read on the run.
The larger face and numbers is also great for us more "mature" runners! I also love the way that it keeps up with my mile splits without me having to do a thing.
(My old watch I had to press a button when I got to a mile, so I could check my splits later) The Forerunner also has a system where you can download your work-outs automatically to a computer program.
How cool is that! The Stick - I've had one of these for years and I use it almost every day.
This is great for a quickie massage after a run.
It's easy to use and really helps with those sore muscles.
It's simply a stick with rollers.
You run it several times over each muscle group.
It really helps and it's easy to stick in a suitcase to take with you when you travel.
My running stick goes with me everywhere.
Running Doc's Guide To Healthy Running - Every runner worries about injury - whether they admit to it or not.
And, every runner also always gets those little "glitches" that they just don't know what to do about.
But, they also don't want to go to a doctor - we're all afraid that the first words we'll hear are "Stop Running".
So, having a book like this around is essential for runners.
Running Doc's Guide To Healthy Running can help you if you are already feeling something or can help you from getting injured.
Now, these last 2 are for the female runners.
Running Jewelry - Runners love to wear jewelry to show off the fact that they are a runner or have completed a certain goal.
I have a couple running necklaces that I wear all the time.
My husband bought me a really neat 26.
2 necklace that I wear when I'm training for a marathon.
in 26.
2 is a little diamond chip - really cool!) But, you can get necklaces, bracelets, etc.
with different messages.
A great gift for runners.
Pony Tail Beanie - This is something that I just bought myself and wore for the first time.
Whenever it was cold enough for a beanie - I always got discouraged because I didn't know what to do with my below the shoulder length hair.
Do I just push it up in the beanie and it would keep slipping, pony tails, down the sides...
Well, this beanie is the answer.
It's got a hole where your pony tail is and you just stick it through.
No more lumps in your beanie bugging you when you run.
It's great! I absolutely love mine!
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