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Before You Can Improve You Must Be Honest With Your Mirror

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The first thing you must do when working to improve yourself, set goals or over come your weakness is to make a serious and honest assessment of yourself.
Everyone is capable of self-assessment, but few are willing to shed away their own defense systems and admit their weaknesses, failures or trials and tribulations.
Of course, any good counselor will tell you before you can solve any psychological problems, break any addictions or overcome any personal barriers holding you back, you must admit that you have a problem.
They call this the first step, a step most are reluctant to take.
Still this is a step that you must take, that does not mean you have to announce to the world that you have made mistakes, first off the world is probably well aware you have made mistakes because we all have.
And second this is more about you and your mirror than it is about you and anyone else.
Once you can visibly see your mistakes without clouded judgment then you are ready to start assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
Next, you can build a plan to get from where you are now (now that you know where you are) to where you would like to be; your dreams and goals.
Setting goals without knowing where you are is silly.
No athletic coach would make a workout plan to ready the athletes for championship competition at the end of the season without knowing their abilities now, that would be quite counterproductive and guesswork at best.
You see, it all starts with an honest assessment and if you are going to do that yourself, then you are the coach and you need to be honest with your mirror, that's the first order of business.
Please consider all this when designing a self-improvement program for you.
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