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Why Your Retail Shop Needs a Blog

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Whether your selling widgets, wine, watches, knickknacks, outer wear, cellular phones or craft supplies, you need to keep your customers abreast of the latest and the greatest. In years past, retailers relied on circulars and newsletters. But websites and blogs have replaced printed hard copies and for good reason.

Your Store Can Reach Across Geographic Boundaries

It's true, your brick-and-mortar is no longer confined to its physical location. It is now available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the world over. Retailers understand this and set up e-commerce fronts to peddle inventory on a global basis. But e-commerce doesn't rank in search engines. Search engines can't fill out order forms, as far as Google, Yahoo! and Bing are concerned, there's nothing there.

Your Shop Can Enjoy Customer Reviews

That's what "comments" and "likes" are for. With a blog comes interaction. And with interaction comes search engine visibility. The more people who follow, like, comment and click-through, the higher your SERP or search engine result page rank will become. Think of every click and every bit of feedback as free advertising.

Your Store Can Give Away the Most Valuable Merchandise

Not inventory or those free hats you got from a vendor for purchasing a bulk order. Information is the commodity. And free info builds trust and makes for repeat customers. A plumber that publishes blog posts explaining how to deal with common problems will not only see an increase in web traffic, but an increase in service calls [http://smartevos.com/2012/01/12/on-page-seo-and-off-page-seo-explained/]. Customers would rather hire someone that's already given them something for nothing.

Your Shop Can be an Authority Figure

People tune-in to the local news to stay informed of the latest happenings. Anchors and field reports speak with experts on this or that subject. You can be an authoritative source on your blog. It sets a business apart from the competition. It also lets customers know you are committed to them.

Your Store Can Stay on the Cutting-Edge

If you've ever hesitated about offering a new product or service, you don't have to shell-out good money to watch it turn into a bad decision. That's the power of a blog. Float a trial balloon. Just pose the question and give your customers an explanation about the new offering. Use your social media once initial feedback comes in to vote and promote. The best part is it's simple and will identify trends as they are happening.
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