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Can Drinking of Orange Juice Kill You?

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You feel tired, exhausted, your muscle aches, and you're starting to cough and your nose is running.
What to do? It's time for your grandma's home remedies: orange juice, chicken soup, onions, garlic, honey, ginger, coin rub.
But wait.
Don't do it.
Some of those home remedies could kill you! Now you think, what could possibly kill me form those home remedies.
They are all very healthy choices.
Well, they are healthy, but not for everyone.
Let's take for example orange juice.
Orange juice is a very healthy choice; it contains vital minerals such as potassium and phosphorus.
It's also found to be the most effective at preventing kidney stones.
How could it kill you? It all starts with your kidney.
Orange juice is great for someone with kidney stones, but not so good for someone whose kidney failed.
While orange juice boost the level of citrate in the urine and reduced the crystallization of uric acid and calcium oxalate- the most frequently found ingredient in kidney stones, it also boost the level of potassium and phosphorus in your blood.
And the high level of potassium may just kill you.
Potassium is a mineral that helps muscles and nerves work properly, and it helps regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure.
In kidney failure, potassium from the diet builds up in the body.
If the level goes too high the heart slows and could stop beating.
Since the orange juice is high in potassium, you should definitely avoid drinking it if your kidneys don't work.
How do you know that your kidneys don't work? Kidney failure is initially noticed when the body does not produce urine normally.
Obviously, if you don't produce any urine at all for a long period of time your kidneys failed - both of them.
Long before that, you should have notice decrease in your urine output and see a nephrologist (kidney doctor), who would monitor your blood for potassium, along with BUN and creatinine tests, to evaluate your kidney function.
Kidney failure can be caused by many things, but presently in the US it is caused mostly by diabetes and high blood pressure.
It can also be caused by ingesting toxic substances, including antifreeze, some anti-inflammatory drugs and certain kinds of antibiotics.
Kidney failure is fatal if not treated.
Don't get me wrong.
I don't want you to stop drinking orange juice.
It is a very healthy choice.
But you need to be aware, that even the healthiest and most commonly used drink in the world could kill someone.
And don't try to just give it to anyone without knowing his health history, especially if the person is already staying in a hospital.
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