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All About Acne - A Common Skin Disease

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Acne is a serious skin disease affecting a majority of young people.
Over the years, various debates have cropped up regarding its nature, causes, time and so on.
According to general perception, it can develop at any stage in life.
Although young people are more prone to developing this serious problem, the disease can affect any one at any time.
Some Observations Over the years, various debates have cropped up regarding its nature, causes, time and so on.
According to general perception, it can develop at any stage in life.
There is no particular age group that acne targets.
It can happen to any person belonging to any age group.
However, a majority of those affected, belongs to12-25 age bracket.
This clearly shows that puberty as well as adolescence are two stages when such problems generally arise.
In fact, it develops during puberty and by adolescence takes an ugly turn.
Reasons Your body is the place where entire process of disease's development begins and much needed stimulation for its growth also comes from there.
Usually, surface just underneath your skin contains sebaceous glands that are present inside hair follicles.
These follicles carry out oil secretion to provide flexibility to hair.
The oil simultaneously moisturizes skin as well by reaching skin surface through open pores.
Nevertheless, whenever there is excessive oil secretion, hair follicles become clogged.
In case, a bacteria called propionibacterium present on your skin attacks them an infection takes place.
Subsequently, such a reaction produces enzymes and chemicals that in turn cause inflammation.
Types You may find various kinds of acne vulgaris, technical name for the disease.
For instance, few red pimples can be seen on skin.
Raised in nature, these are also known as papules.
When filled with pus same pimples become pustules.
However, in some cases hair follicles may continuously grow and do not get ruptured.
That sort of formation is described as cyst and can be experienced beneath your skin.
On some occasions, growth can be same as sacs, but differs in terms of depth and hardness.
Such formations also known as nodules may cause scarring and pain.
Diagnosis as well as Treatment Diagnosis and treatment may be a complicated issue, since it depends upon the affected person's clinical history and problem's nature.
As a result, your doctor should be proactive while diagnosing and treating the disease.
He should take into account your entire medical history.
At the same time, he should inform you about various food allergies, environmental factors and methods of skin care.
This knowledge is essential because all such above mentioned factors directly impact your skin.
The doctor should be quick enough to carry out a blood test if need be.
That may greatly help in finding out disease's true status.
Many times, yeast or bacterial growth may also considerably contribute to such a condition.
Acne is quite a common skin condition.
However, its occurrence varies from person to person.
It may have different forms depending upon skin type and medical history of the affected person.
You should never take it lightly, since doing so may result in dire consequences.
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