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What is Viral marketing?

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Marketing in the lay man's definition of the word is the strategic way of creating a want or a need so that your customers will buy what you are selling. It is much easier to market your business on the internet. You don't have to be physically there to inform people with what you are selling. You can just send to them informative emails or links to your websites to view your products and services. From your website you can now conduct business on a regular basis. If your customers are interested enough, they could simply place an order on your website or give you referrals to interested parties.

Viral Marketing [http://www.viralfriend-software.com/] however adds a twist to the conventional way of internet marketing. This is a faster way to get more visitors into your marketing funnel. With this strategic system, you increase the number of your visitors by up to 300%! Everything works on automation so there really is no great effort from your part.

Once a visitor enters your website they will be asked for their basic contact information and a few referrals like names of their friends who might be interested in visiting the website as well. The moment the system gathers this information it automatically sends invites to the new names of referrals to visit the website. The process replicates itself once these new visitors view the website. It's a never ending process of inviting more and more visitors into your site. It's like a virus that's spreading like wild fire!

This process will help your business by generating more leads for potential new customers. More visitors into your site will increase your sales profits. Do the math! With up to 300 visitors the least number of sales you can make in a day is just one closed deal. Imagine your profit if you make one deal in 365 days!

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